Links sobre economía

Hoy traigo algunos links sobre economía en general. El primero sobre los impuestos como incentivos: People Respond to Incentives. Even in France:

"France's new 75 percent income tax on the rich may not be popular with millionaires. But it's being cheered by another group: Paris real-estate buyers. Real estate agents say that the number of multi-million-dollar real-estate listings in Paris has jumped more than 25 percent over last year -- due in part to the threat of the new income tax....[B]rokers say the 75 percent tax on the wealthiest French citizens has contributed to the decision by many of the them to sell their homes in anticipation of a possible move to another country."

Sobre los portugueses que viven en Angola, fact of the day:

"100,000: The number of Portuguese living in Angola last year, up from 21,000 in 2003. That is more than triple the number of Angolans living in Portugal. Migration flows are beginning to reverse, with thousands of construction workers from Europe flocking to Africa to find jobs in the boom."

Hoy en día que tanto se habla del desempleo, aquí les dejo algunos conceptos de economía sobre el desempleo: ¿Qué tipos de desempleo existen?

Finalmente, la comparación entre tasas de desempleo en algunas grandes economías en el mundo:

The Economies of the World