10 weekend recommended reads: Finance

  1. Identifying oil price shocks and their consequences: the role of expectations in the crude oil market (BIS Working Paper).
  2. Artificial Intelligence-Driven Investing: High Alpha behind the Buzz (CFA Institute).
  3. The quality of financial information explains why stocks and bonds co-move (LSE Business Review).
  4. On the risk sensitivity of bank capital requirements (VOX).
  5. Chemicals and capital markets: Back at the top (McKinsey).
  6. The CFA is the most brutal exam in the world of finance — here's what the questions look like (Business Insider).
  7. The yield curve and the stock market: Mind the long run (VOX).
  8. Financial Modeling (WallStreetMojo).
  9. My journey to saving time using Tableau for finance analytics (Tableau Blog).
  10. Global insurance insights: An overview of recent trends in life and health (McKinsey).