Recommended articles about technology for this weekend

Digital Economy:
  • Artificial intelligence and the stability of markets (VOX).
  • Next-generation analytics meets first principles (McKinsey).
  • Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland and Most Countries In Africa (Power Compare).
Tech Firms:
  • Which tech stocks beat Facebook, Amazon and Netflix this year? (Recode).
  • Meet China’s social media giant: Everything you need to know about Tencent (WEF).
  • Alibaba-Backed Paytm Aims to Become World's Largest Digital Bank (Bloomberg).
Cybersecurity and Cyber Risks:
  • Hackers Now Have Incredibly Sophisticated Ways to Breach Banks' Defenses (Bloomberg).
  • Hacking the market: Systemic contagion from cybersecurity breaches (LSE Business Review).