Economía México

Algunos hechos sobre la economía mexicana (Mexico fact of the day) según algunos blogs de economía formales, serios y desde una perspectiva exterior:

Mexico issued a brand new catastrophe bond, building on the success of its 2009 issuance. The MultiCat Mexico 2012, is a US$315 million instrument providing coverage against earthquakes and hurricanes. The beauty of these bonds is that they allow governments to get funds and protection from financial markets rather than drawing from public coffers.
Mexicans say, wisely, “mejor prevenir que lamentar” or “better safe than sorry”. In this context, it means prevention and good policies save lives and money.

Six years ago, Mexico was the world’s ninth largest exporter of cars. Today the country is ranked fourth—behind Germany, Japan and South Korea—with exports expected to total more than 2.14 million vehicles this year.
One in 10 cars sold last year in the U.S. was made in Mexico. Next year, every new taxi in New York’s fleet—made by Nissan Motor Co.  —will carry the “Hecho en Mexico” label. Mexico is now exporting vehicles to China, and even helped Japan keep up with orders after last year’s tsunami.
Mexico’s Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari boasted that a batch of new factories planned by car makers will help Mexico surpass South Korea in a few years.

Una perspectiva económica interior:

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