The essential keys in Finance: Data Science, Machine Learning and FinTech

Some interesting and recommended selected articles to read this weekend about data science, machine learning applied to finance and related lectures.

Data Science (coding):
  • Top 10 data science skills, and how to learn them (Dataconomy).
  • Difference between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics (Data Science Central).
  • New to the Risk Management Tool Kit: Alternative Data. A rich lode of novel and unconventional data can supplement traditional information sources; coding skills are a plus (GARP).

Machine Learning:

  • Risk analytics enters its prime. All the ingredients are in place for unprecedented advances in risk analytics. Now it’s up to banks to capture the opportunities (McKinsey).
  • Fintech: Capturing the Benefits, Avoiding the Risks (IMF Blog).
  • Global Findex 2014 and IMF Financial Access Survey, also Two billion people lack access to a bank account. Here are 3 ways blockchain can help them (WEF). 

PLUS: Top Five Articles from May: Behavioral Finance, Blockchain, and ESG (CFA Institute Enterprising Investor).