Recommended articles about Risk

My recommendations about Risk Management to read this weekend:
  1. Top Risks 2017: The geopolitical recession (Eurasia Group).
  2. Risk analytics enters its prime: All the ingredients are in place for unprecedented advances in risk analytics. Now it’s up to banks to capture the opportunities (McKinsey).
  3. 5 Strategies to Maximize Your Risk Assessments (Risk Management Monitor).
  4. How to Use the World Economic Forum’s Cybersecurity Principles. A 2017 WEF report outlines best practices for boards and the C-suite to help strengthen an organization’s cyber practices by providing guidance for managing cyberrisks much in the same way that organizations manage enterprise risk (Risk Management).
  5. Cyber and the C-Suite: New Cyberrisk Responsibilities for Chief Risk Officers. Chief risk officers (CROs) have significant responsibilities and access to the board and senior management that put them at the forefront of technological, operational and human resources challenges involved in implementing the 3LoD approach to cyberrisk management (Risk Management).
  6. New to the Risk Management Tool Kit: Alternative Data. A rich lode of novel and unconventional data can supplement traditional information sources; coding skills are a plus (GARP).
  7. The Manufacturing Supply Chain: Top 10 Risks to Consider (Clear Risk).
  8. 8 Risk Management Blogs You Must Follow (Risk Management Guru).