Estudios sobre comercio exterior y mercados emergentes

Hoy les comparto tres artículos publicados por VOX CEPR's (incluyen bibliografía) sobre comercio exterior e innovación; comercio exterior y fragmentación de la producción, y finalmente, gobierno corporativo y estabilidad financiera en los mercados emergentes:
  • Better, faster, stronger: How trade liberalisation fosters global innovation: Free trade is under fire, with evidence documenting the distributional impacts and labour adjustment costs of trade liberalisation mounting. This column instead presents new evidence on the benefits of freer trade in terms of growth and innovation. It points to gains that could be lost if support for globalisation is not maintained.
  • Production fragmentation and the global trade slowdown: The recent deceleration of world trade has been widely discussed, and many argue the relationship between trade and GDP growth is undergoing a fundamental shift. This column presents a novel framework to account for changes in the import intensity of global demand. Import intensity rose between 2000 and 2008 due to high demand for durables and to international production fragmentation. After 2011, fragmentation stopped and demand shifted to services, in particular in China. Low trade ratios are likely to persist in the near future.
  • Corporate governance and financial stability in emerging markets: The relationship between corporate governance and financial stability has received little attention in the context of emerging markets. Using new firm-level indices of governance in emerging markets, this column shows that both firm-level governance and governance frameworks have generally improved at the country level over recent years. These stronger frameworks have enhanced the resilience of firms to global shocks, and bolstered balance sheets.