Artículos recomendados: Investigación y Teoría Económica

Aquí les dejo dos artículos sobre Teoría Económica. El primero, Big Four Economic Indicators. El segundo, Financial constraints and nominal rigidities: Research into the aggregate effects of financial frictions in the economy generally assume that they do not affect whether (and which) firms adjust prices, something this column argues that should be taken into account. In particular, financial frictions change the composition of firms that reset prices and cause the degree of nominal price rigidity to vary over the business cycle, which has important consequences for how inflation and output respond to aggregate shocks (VOX).

Por otra parte, tres artículos que serán de interés para todo investigador:
  • Evaluación de políticas en la era de la posverdad (Nada es Gratis).
  • Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? (The Guardian).
  • The ‘scientification’ of industry: New indicators of science intensity. There is growing interest in measuring the scientific aspects of industrial innovation and performance to understand the economic impact of publicly funded R and D. This column presents new indicators for science-industry linkages in Japan based on a novel dataset combining academic research paper data, patent data, and economic census data. It finds that the academic sector is getting more involved in patenting activities, and that scientific knowledge generated in the sector is being utilised not only in science-based industries, but also in many others (VOX).